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"Cold Comfort Farm" by Paul Doust, adapted from the novel by Stella Gibbons - November 2010

Directed by David Darby

Production Manager Sarah Taylor

The Cast (in order of appearance)
Ada Doom Sue Terry
Flora Post Katherine Buttfield
Charles Terry Hall
Judith Starkadder Sally Anderson
Mr. Neck Stan Harbidge
Seth Starkadder Doug Smith
Rennet Alice Gee
Chorus Jim Wallis
Adam Lambsbreath Alan Haydock
Elphine Starkadder Anna Hodkin
Urk Starkadder Tom Spencer
Reuben Starkadder Phil Hawyes
Amos Starkadder Bill Sylvester
Dandelion Gabrielle Anderson
Sheba Liberty Taylor
Mrs. Hawk-Monitor Sian Barnard
Richard Hawk-Monitor Terry Hall
Sneller Jon Jones
Graceless the Cow Gabrielle Anderson
  & Liberty Taylor
Ada Doom
Brethren & Guests
Tina Warrington James Telling
Natalie Anderson Sian Barnard
Val Rushworth Lydia Hall
Val Culm Pam Thompson
Carol Radford Rosa Keen


The action of the play takes place in and around the Starkadder's Farm, Howling, Wessex with diverting visits to Hautcouture Hall and the Church of the Qivering Brethren. The plot revolves around Flora Poste, a sensible woman who, recently orphaned, goes to live with her eccentric relatives at doom laden Cold Comfort Farm. The farm is bleak, chaotic and dirty; Flora likes everything to be tidy, pleasant and comfortable, so she does her best to alter her surroundings and encourage those around her to greater things. Flora strides into the melee determined to restore order, arrange marriages and cast some light into their darkness. This she does to great comic effect.

The Production Team
Stage Manager Richard Stanway
Asst Stage Manager Bob Terry
  Pam Thompson
Prompt  Annette Ayres
Properties Val Rushworth
Sound & Lighting Clive Holland
Susan Jones *
Set Design  David Darby
Set Construction Bob Terry
  Group Members
Costumes Anna Hodkin
Publicity Jon Jones
  Annette Ayres
Ticket Sales Christine Harbidge
Front of House Christine Harbidge
Refreshments Yvonne Purser
Photography Christine Harbidge

* Thanks to Susan who stepped in at the last minute as Lynne Holland was unwell.

Flora with Elfine
Flora & Neck Flora & Seth
Charles & Flora Dandelion & Sheba

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