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"Private Lives " by Noel Coward - May 2010



Directed by Stan Harbidge

Production Manager Christine Harbidge

The Cast (in order of appearance)
Sybil Chase Anna Hodkin
Elyot Chase David Darby
Victor Prynne Jon Jones
Amanda Prynne Sarah Taylor
Louise (The maid) Sally Anderson



The action takes place in France in the 1930's. The two couples are on their honeymoon in a hotel in Deauville. Amanda & Elyot have previously been married to each other!

Act 1 Early evening on a hotel balcony overlooking the sea


Act 2 Late evening, a few days later at Amanda's Paris flat

Act 3

The next morning at Amanda's flat
The Production Team
Stage Manager Bob Terry
Asst. Stage Mngrs Bill Sylvester
  Jim Wallis
  Richard Stanway
Prompt  Annette Ayres
Properties Debbie Edwards
  Sally Anderson
Sound & Lighting Clive Holland
  Tom James
  Susan Jones
Set Design  David Darby
  Stan Harbidge
Set Construction Group Members
Costumes Anna Hodkin
Publicity Jon Jones
  Annette Ayres
Ticket Sales & F.o.H Christine Harbidge
Refreshments Lynne Holland
Photography Christine Harbidge

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