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"Strictly Murder" by Brian Clemens - February 2013


Directed by Jon Jones

Production Manager / Asst. Director Tom Spencer

The Cast (in order of appearance)


Ian Johnson

Peter Meredith

Mark Aldrich

Suzy Hinchcliffe

Caroline Aldrich


David Darby

Miriam Miller

Sue Terry

BBC Announcer Jim Wallis

German Announcer

Roger Wilson

Gaston Jon Jones
Strictly Murder2


The action of the play takes place in Provence, France in early 1939.

An English couple, Peter and Suzy, are living in a remote country cottage, far, it seems, from the rumblings of the coming war. Their peace is shattered from within when Suzy discovers she has been betrayed: Peter is not the man he claims to be. Suzy's life is thrown into turmoil as the possibility arises that Peter may in fact be a ruthless killer on the run.
Then a Scotland Yard detective arrives and events become even more complicated and frightening...Lies, subterfuge and murder make this thriller a dark and disturbing rollercoaster of bluff and double bluff.

Act 1

Sc 1

Early morning in April


Sc 2

An hour later


Sc 3

Some time later


Act 2

Sc 1

Morning, some months later


Sc 2

Early evening, that same day


Sc 3

Later that night


The Production Team

Stage Manager

Richard Stanway


Annette Ayres


Carol Radford

  Hannah Aldrich

Sound & Lighting

Clive Holland


Terry Hall

Set Design 

Jon Jones

  David Darby

Set Construction

John Cryer

  Group members


Annette Ayres


Jon Jones

Ticket Sales &


Front of House

Christine Harbidge


Lynne Holland


Christine Harbidge

Programme/Poster Tom Spencer

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