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"The Ladykillers" by Ian Linehan - February 2020

Directed by Russ Hopkin

Production Manager Sally Anderson

The Cast (in order of appearance)

 Mrs. Wilberforce

 Tina Warrington

 Mrs. Tromleyton

 Sue Terry

 Constable Macdonald

 Jon Jones

 Professor Marcus

 Phil Hawyes

 Major Courtney

 Terry Hall

 Harry Robinson

 Ollie Williams

 One Round

 Joe Beresford

 Louise Harvey

 Emily Morgan

 News Reader

 Alan Haydock

 General Gordon

 Katherine Buttfield

Mrs. Wilberforce's Friends

 Annette Ayres, Val Culm, Pauline Preston

Staged shot



The action of the play takes place in Mrs. Wilberforce’s subsided, bomb damaged home in the 1950s. She rents out a spare room to a very unusual professor. After sinister events the professor and his crew of musicians are not what they seem…

Act 1

Sc 1

Evening time


Sc 2

A couple of days later


Sc 3

Later that week


Act 2

Sc 1



Sc 2

The next day


The Production Team

Stage Manager

 Richard Stanway


 Annette Ayres


 Pauline Preston


 Richard Lewin

Lighting  Jo Peek


 Hazi Mistry

Set Design 

 Jon Jones, Russ Hopkin,

   Bob Terry

Set Construction

 Bob Terry

  & Group Members


 Jon Jones


 Annette Ayres

Ticket Sales

 Christine Harbidge

Front of House

  Christine Harbidge

  & Group Members


 Sue Terry

  & Group Members


 Jess Jutsum


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