There's more to it than just acting.....

The set for "A Month of Sundays" being constructed and painted on stage at Grange Hall

Current Membership

We've gained a number of new members during the last year or so and there are now 46 members in the group, most of whom live in or around Radcliffe on Trent.

Equal Opportunities Statement

We, Radcliffe-on-Trent Drama Group recognise that certain people are discriminated against. We are wholly opposed to this and will take all necessary steps to eliminate discriminatory practices in all of our activities. We intend to treat everyone equally. We wish to avoid discriminating against people on account of their gender, marital status, age, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, health, responsibility for dependents, political activity, physical, mental ill health and learning difficulties, etc.
All members of the Radcliffe-on-Trent Drama Group are required to comply with the policy and will receive a copy of this statement when joining and paying their first membership subscription.
The statement will also be visible on the Radcliffe-on-Trent Drama Group website.

How to Join

In addition to acting, those currently involved in the group all help in one way or another from making coffee to building or decorating the set, getting posters produced, helping with ‘props’, producing the programmes, and a hundred other tasks.

About half of those currently in the group have ‘trod the boards’ in one play or more, but the joy of the group is that no production ever gets seen by an audience without a full team effort; there are usually more people behind the scenes  than on stage.

Each year we perform three plays, usually one in February / March, one in May / June and the last in November. If you'd like to find out more, give me or any member of the committee a call or come along to watch a rehearsal. With the exception of the Summer break we usually meet twice a week, on Monday and Thursday evenings, in St. Mary's Hall, Main Road (next to the Church).

If you always fancied having a go at acting but you are not sure if you'd be any good, just remember that all of us started somewhere and there are lots of helpful people in the group to guide and encourage you. Come along and meet us, you’ll be under no obligation, though I do have to warn you, it is addictive; I took part in my first play in March 1996 and all these years later I still can’t wait for the next.

During the year we fit in various social events including theatre visits, a quiz, a treasure hunt, annual dinner and other occasional activities.

Katherine Buttfield, Hon. Secretary   07532 777306


We normally rehearse in St. Mary's Hall, Main Road (next to the Church) from 7.30pm, every Monday and Thursday evening. If you are interested in joining us, please click here

Committee - 2019/2020




Committee Members

Jon Jones

Katherine Buttfield

Sue Terry

Christine Harbidge

Richard Stanway

Annette Ayres


Committee 2019

Christine, Richard, Annette, Jon, Sue & Katherine

Brief History

Our records show that Radcliffe on Trent Drama Group started around 1956 - but it isn't that simple!

Recent investigation has confirmed that the group formally became the Radcliffe on Trent Drama Group in 1959 and furthermore that members of the Mother's Union, who subsequently helped form the group, performed plays between 1945 and 1956. The treasurers book started in 1956 with "3 one act plays". Audrey Vowles and Mary Jane Scott (confirmed a couple of years ago by Audrey's son Robin) plus a few others were instrumental in the collection of people involved in drama at that time. Clive Holland's mother joined them a year or two later.

So, there has been a Drama group in Radcliffe-on-Trent for at least 50 years. In 1956 when it began it was just called Drama Group. The group initially rehearsed in the old vicarage, then rehearsals moved to the village Library during the 1960's though the group always performed in St. Mary's Church Hall. Since March 2005 we have performed all our plays in the newly built community centre, Grange Hall. The group has performed around 150 productions over the years, including plays by current authors such as Alan Ayckbourn and Alan Bennett and earlier writers including Noel Coward & J. B. Priestley and in the past the group performed panto­mimes scripted by group members (to see more of what we've done click on the 'Past Productions' button).

Attendance figures have been very high over the last few years, with most plays attracting audience numbers of over 500. In fact, since June 2001 we had to move from four to five night's performance each play week.

The old St. Mary's Church Hall was our spiritual home for 50 years. We moved out when it was sold by the Church and after a year away, when we rehearsed in the R.O.T.S.A. Hall, we moved back for rehearsals into the newly built St. Mary's Hall in September 2008.

The old church hall was also where we performed until Grange Hall was completed. We have performed all our plays in Grange Hall since the beginning of 2005. Click on the Past Productions button for more details of our previous plays.