1956 – 1964

"After My Fashion" by Diana Morgan;Thursday 25th - Saturday 27th November 1964

"A Likely Tale" by Gerald Savory; April 1964

"Something to Hide" by Leslie Sands;Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th November 1963

"He Was Born Gay" by Emlyn Williams; April 1963

"As Long as they're Happy" by Vernon Sylvaine; November 1962

"The Chalk Garden" by Enid Bagnold; Thursday 4th - Saturday 6th April 1962

"The Paragon" by R. M. Pertwee; November 1961

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"A Hundred Years Old" by S. & J. Quintero; April 1961

"Friendly Relations" by James Liggatt; Thursday 30th November - Saturday 2nd December 1960

"The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde; July 1960

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"Breath of Spring" by Peter Coke; April 1960

"The Unguarded Hour" by Bernard Merivale; Thursday 10th - Saturday 12th December 1959

"Waters of the Moon" by N. C. Hunter; Friday 17th - Saturday 18th April 1959

"Shop at Sly Corner" by Edward Percy;Friday 11th - Saturday 12th December 1958

"Treasure Hunt" by John Perry; April 1958

Cancelled - Don't know why

"The Holly & the Ivy" by Wynyard Browne; December 1957

"Bonaventure" by Charlotte Hastings; April 1957

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Three One Act Plays ; April 1956

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