1980 – 1984

"Move over Mrs Markham" by Ray Cooney & John Chapman; November 1984

"Basin full of the Briny" by Leslie Sands; April 1984

"Cinderella" by Ruth Holmes & Jo Spencer; Wednesday 25th - Saturday 28th January 1984

"Boeing Boeing" by Marc Camoletti & Beverley Cross; Wednesday 27th - Saturday 29th October 1983

"The House by the Lake" by Hugh Mills; Thursday 21st - Saturday 23rd April 1983

"Aladdin" by Moe Smith; February 1983

"Friends & Neighbours" by Austin Steele; Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th November 1982

An Evening of Comedy - "The Playgoers","Man's Best Friend", "Resounding Tinkle", by N. F. Simpson, "What are we doing here?" by David Campton, "Table Talk" by David Campton, "Streuth" by Michael Green; May 1982

"Rumplestiltskin" by Moe Smith; February 1982

"Night Must Fall" by Emlyn Williams; November 1981

"Wild Goose Chase" by Derek Benfield; April 1981

"Snow White & Seven Dwarfs" by Moe Smith; January 1981

"The Proof of the Poison" by Falkland Cary & Philip Weathers;Thursday 20th - Saturday 22nd November 1980

"Breath of Spring" by Peter Coke; Thursday 17th - Saturday 19th April 1980

"Snow Queen" by Moe Smith; January 1980