2000 – 2004

"When We Are Married" by J. B. Priestley; Tuesday 9th to Saturday 13th November 2004

"Edge of Darkness" by Brian Clemens; Tuesday 25th - Saturday 29th May 2004

"Caught in the Net" by Ray Cooney; Tuesday 2nd - Saturday 6th March 2004

"Habeas Corpus" by Alan Bennett; Tuesday 11th - Saturday 15th November 2003

Two and Two Make Sex" by Richard Harris & Leslie Darbon; Tuesday 3rd - Saturday 7th June 2003

"Trap for a Lonely Man" by Robert Thomas; Tuesday 4th - Saturday 8th March 2003

"Abigail's Party" by Mike Leigh;Tuesday 12th - Saturday 16th November 2002

"Don't Lose the Place" by Derek Benfield; Tuesday 18th - Saturday 22nd June 2002

"Run for Your Wife" by Ray Cooney from Tuesday 19th - Saturday 23rd March 2002

"Waters of the Moon" by N. C. Hunter from Tuesday 13th - Saturday 17th November 2001

"Relatively Speaking" by Alan Ayckbourn; Wednesday 13th - Saturday 16th June 2001

"Wife Begins at 40" by Arne Sultan, Earl Barrat and Ray Cooney; Wednesday 7th to Saturday 10th March 2001

"Hobson's Choice" by Harold Brighouse; Tuesday 7th - Saturday 11th November 2000

"My Friend Miss Flint" by Donald Churchill & Peter Yeldham; Wednesday 7th - Saturday 10th June 2000

"Present Laughter" by Noel Coward; Wednesday 15th - Saturday 18th March 2000