1965 – 1974

"His, Hers & Theirs" by Hugh & Margaret Williams; November 1974

"Two Faces of Murder" by George Batson; April 1974

No Photograph Available

"The Bride Comes Back" by Ronald Millar; November 1973

No Photograph Available

"Gaslight" by Patrick Hamilton; April 1973

No Photograph Available

"Taxpayer's Walt" by Peter Coke; November 1972

"The House by the Lake" by Hugh Mills; November 1971

"The Bride and the Bachelor" by Ronald Millar; April 1971

"A Man About the House" by John Perry; November 1970

"The Peacocks Must Go" by Dennis Driscoll; April 1970

"The Whole Truth" by Philip Mackie; December 1969

"Blithe Spirit" by Noel Coward; April 1969

"Ladies in Retirement" by Edward Percy & Reginald Denham; December 1968

"The Happy Man" by Hugh & Margaret Williams; April 1967


"Fool's Paradise" by Peter Coke; Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th May 1966

"A Letter from the General" by Maurice McLaughlin; December 1965

No Photograph Available

"Wanted One Body" by Raymond Dyer; April 1965