1975 – 1979

"The Murder Game" by Constance Cox; Thursday 1st - Saturday 3rd November 1979

"Lady Audley's Secret" by Brian J. Burton; Thursday 3rd - Saturday 5th May 1979

"Beauty and the Beast" by Pauline Palmer & Moe Smith; January 1979

"Let's All Go Down the Strand" by Hugh & Margaret Williams; November 1978

"Portrait of Murder" by Robert Bloomfield; Wed nesday 19th - Saturday 22nd April 1978

"Babes in the Wood" by Moe Smith; January 1978

"The Secretary Bird" by W. D. Home; November 1977

"Revuebilee" June 1977

"Dangerous Corner" by J. B. Priestley April 1977

"Cindersfella" by Hugh Robertson; January 1977

"No Time for Fig Leaves" by Duncan Greenwood & Robert King; November 1976

No Time for Fig Leaves

"Murder Mistaken" by Janet Green; Thursday 1st - Saturday 3rd April 1976

"Pools Paradise" by Philip King; November 1975

"The House on the Cliff" by George Batson; April 1975