1995 – 1999

"Aurelia" by Robert Thomas; Wednesday 17th - Saturday 20th November 1999

"Taking Steps" by Alan Ayckbourn; Wednesday 26th - Saturday 29th May 1999

"A Letter from the General" by Maurice McLoughlin; Wednesday 10th - Saturday 13th March 1999

"Why Me" by Stanley Price; Wednesday 18th - Saturday 21st November 1998

"Love on the Dole" by Ronald Gow & Walter Greenwood; Wednesday 24th - Saturday 27th June 1998

"Phantom Tollbooth" by Susan Nanus; Wednesday 4th - Saturday 7th February 1998 (Performed by the Youth Group)

"They Call it Murder" by Bettine Manktelow; Wednesday 29th October - Saturday 1st November 1997

"Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame; Wednesday 21st - Saturday 24th May 1997

"Daisy Pulls it Off" by Denise Deegan; Wednesday 19th - Saturday 22nd February 1997

"Blithe Spirit" by Noel Coward: Wednesday 5th - Saturday 9th November 1996

"Pack of Lies" by Hugh Whitemore; Wednesday 26th - Saturday 29th June 1996

"The Wizard of OZ" by L. Frank Baum; Wednesday 12th - Saturday 16th March 1996 (including Sat. matinee performance)

"Forty Years On" by Alan Bennett; Wednesday 8th - Saturday 11th November 1995

"Happy Family" by Giles Cooper; May 1995