Next Production

Two One Act Plays.

The first play is called

"Alternative Accommodation" by Pam Valentine

Recently widowed, Anna is visited by her three middle-aged children who have already decided that the family house must be sold and Anna move either to a residential home or sheltered housing. In fact, anywhere so long as it's not with any of them !  Their mother has started drinking and is increasingly forgetful. However, their veneer of filial concern doesn't fool Anna who has other ideas. Far from suffering from the dementia her children imagine she is starting, Anna has actually taken control of her life and has organised her own future - without them !

and the second is

"When I Snap my Fingers" by Bruce Adam

Simon and Maria Moffat agree to undergo hypnosis as part of performer Sven Gali’s act when a ­fire alarm sounds before Sven has had a chance to remove the effect of certain trigger words. The following day Simon has invited his new American CEO boss and Daniel’s wife Dolly round for dinner in the hope of salvaging his foundering accountancy career. With both Simon and Maria still susceptible to the key words, however, some very odd behaviour in the presence of their guests makes Simon’s future look more vulnerable than ever.  Can Simon save his career? Will Daniel ever understand British humour? Will Dolly ever understand anything? Will Maria stay dressed? Can daughter Sally save the day?
Why not come along and find out for yourselves.

Grange Hall, Tuesday 17th to Saturday 21st May 2022

Performances will start promptly at 7.30 pm - the doors and bar open at 7.00 pm.

To find the venue:-

Grange Hall,
Vicarage Lane
NG12 2FB


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All tickets are priced just £9, except for Tuesday when it’s £8 (ticket price includes a programme & a coffee or tea in the interval).

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