1985 – 1989

"Bedroom Farce" by Alan Ayckbourn; Wednesday 8th - Saturday 11th November 1989

"Pools Paradise"" by Philip King; Wednesday 10th - Saturday 13th May 1989

"Mother Goose" by Richard Hills; Wednesday 25th - Saturday 28th January 1989

"Play On" by Rick Abbot; Wednesday 16th - Saturday 19th November 1988

"Outside Edge" by Richard Harris; Wednesday 27th - Saturday 30th April 1988

"Dick Whittington" by Jo Spencer & Ruth Holmes; Wednesday 27th - Saturday 30th January 1988

"Thriller of the Year" by Glyn Jones; Wednesday 11th - Saturday 14th November 1987

"Ladies in Retirement" by Edward Percy & Reginald Denham; Wednesday 29th April - Saturday 2nd May 1987

"Robinson Crusoe" by John Morley; Wednesday 28th - Saturday 31st January 1987

"Not Now Darling" by Ray Cooney & John Chapman; Wednesday 5th - Saturday 8th November 1986

"Suddenly at Home" by Francis Durbridge; Thursday 24th - Saturday 26th April 1986

"Jack & the Beanstalk" by John Morley; Wednesday 29th January - Saturday 1st February 1986

"There goes the Bride" by Ray Cooney & John Chapman; November 1985

"Another Evening of Comedy"; Thursday 25th - Sat 27th April 1985

"Little Red Riding Hood" by Lily Perrin & Annette Ayres; Wednesday 30th January -Saturday 2nd February 1985