Two One Act Plays – May 2022

"Alternative Accommodation"

Directed by Hazi Mistry
& assisted by Katherine Buttfield

The Cast (in order of appearance)

                        Anna Val Petty
                        Joy Astrid Moules
                        Gemma Emma Bradley
                        Peter Terry Hall


Recently widowed, Anna is visited by her three middle-aged children who have already decided that the family house must be sold and Anna move either to a residential home or sheltered housing. In fact, anywhere so long as it’s not with any of them! Their mother has started drinking and is increasingly forgetful. However, their veneer of filial concern doesn’t fool Anna who has other ideas. Far from suffering from the dementia her children imagine she is starting, Anna has actually taken control of her life and has organised her own future - without them!

"When I Snap My Fingers"

Directed by Craig Russell

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Sven Gali Joe Beresford
Chicken (hypnotised woman) Enid Patrick
Dog (hypnotised man) Terry Hall
Maria Kristina Russell
Simon Hazi Mistry
Sally Emma Bradley
Dan Adrian Bacon
Dolly Sarah Taylor


Simon and Maria Moffat agree to undergo hypnosis as part of performer Sven Gali’s act when a fire alarm sounds before Sven has had a chance to remove the effect of certain trigger words. The following day Simon has invited his new American CEO boss and Daniel’s wife Dolly round for dinner in the hope of salvaging his foundering accountancy career. With both Simon and Maria still susceptible to the key words, however, some very odd behavior in the presence of their guests makes Simon’s future look more vulnerable than ever.

The Production Team (for both plays)

Production Manager Jeremy Bryant
Stage Manager Richard Stanway
Prompt Annette Ayres, Enid Patrick & Sarah Taylor
Properties Pauline Preston
Sound & Lighting Richard Lewin
Set Design & Construction Jon Jones, Dave Spencer & Group Members
Publicity Jon Jones
Ticket Sales Christine Harbidge
Front of House Christine Harbidge & Group Members
Refreshments Sue Terry & Group Members
Poster & Programme Design Kate Cox
Photography Jeremy Bryant